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Digital Classroom - ICT Tools For Classroom Management

Course Summary

This course is intended for teachers of primary and secondary schools. Participants will learn about different digital tools and apps they can use in their classrooms. During the course, teachers will try out different tools and create their own teaching materials adapted to their needs. The course includes workshops and activities on classroom management, learning and assessment using various digital tools. This course will provide a wide range of different digital solutions for teachers who want to digitize their classroom. By the end of the course, participants will be aware of advantages and disadvantages of many different ICT tools and will know how to utilize them in the classroom.

Course Detailed Description

During the course, participants will create their own personalized portfolio containing various ICT tools and teaching materials created according to their needs.

The tools introduced in this course are easy to master and free to use. Materials created during the course will be based on the experiences and needs of each individual participant and will be ready to use when returning to their schools. 

The course provides a set of digital tools to fully digitize all the aspects of teaching, from classroom management to assessment. Different activities, scenarios and examples from real classrooms are used to create effective and ready to use materials. A hands-on approach gives participants an overview of the use of digital tools in the classroom and provides new teaching strategies using digital technologies. Portfolios and content created during the course will benefit participants significantly as they will be ready to use upon returning to their classrooms.

Inclusion of students with difficulties in learning, as well as the needs of gifted students, are well-addressed during the course with easy-to-follow instructions and activities.


Day 1

  • Introduction 

  • Course outline 

  • Ice-breaking activities (Entrepreneurial mindset)

  • School presentations 

  • Introduction to the digital classroom

  • Guided city tour

Day 2

  • Digital solutions for classroom management

  • Setting up a digital classroom

  • Managing pair and work group

  • Creating participant’s portfolios

Day 3

  • ICT in classroom – digital and digitally supported activities

  • Creating digital materials for students

  • Managing student’s work in digital environment

  • Using ICT outside the classroom

Day 4

  • Different types of assessment using digital tools

  • Formative assessment

  • Student self-assessment

  • Designing and using efficient rubrics

Day 5

  • Organizing different types of tools

  • Your IT tool online storage

  • Tools in the cloud

Day 6 

  • Final activities – Presentation of participant portfolios and projects

  • Course evaluation

  • Certificate awarding 

  • Excursion and other external cultural activities

Note: The program will be dynamic and interactive. The schedule may change based on the issues posed by the participants and the real resolution processes in which we engage. Excursion plans for any given course may also affect the agenda.

Course outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Introduce various educational digital tools for classroom management, creating lessons and student assessment

  • Create participant’s portfolios and ready-to-use digital materials

  • Implement digital tools into participant’s classrooms

  • Help participants design activities with the support of digital tools

  • Exchange ideas and good practice with course group

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