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English Language A1/A1+ Introductory English for Educators

Course Summary

This course is intended for any educators who are A1 and A1+ speakers and want an opportunity to build their skill and confidence with English. The grammar and vocabulary will be targeted toward educators, with vocabulary and grammar that is useful in school meetings, interactions with colleagues and students, and in written communications. This class is for anyone who wants to enhance their language abilities with a native speaker in a lively workshop-style environment. 

This class will be an immersion learning experience and taught exclusively in English. As participants will be coming from all over Europe, a translation app will be used to give instructions and enhance understanding.

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Course Detailed Description

English has become the essential language of digital communications. Even a basic understanding of English can be transformative. This course is practical, efficient and specific to the needs of educators. At the same time, it is lively, fun and discerning.

This is an opportunity to meet, connect, make new friends and share knowledge with teachers from other European countries and practice US English with them in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

This course provides a relaxed opportunity to practice basic conversation and written communications, specifically targeted to the vocabulary that is most relevant to educators. Topics and pacing may vary, as they will be tailored to the level and needs of the participants. 

Themes will include making introductions, discussing personal information and backgrounds, expressing needs and opinions, making suggestions and requests, giving instructions and discussing time and place, traveling and shopping, dealing with parents and their concerns and handling emergencies. We will practice interacting with students, colleagues, parents and others in the community.

The class will provide a lively and engaging immersion environment with a variety of activities for all learning styles. It will create a strong foundation, and resources for further development of your skills will be discussed. 

Taught with nuance and humor by a native speaker, this course will give participants more ease and confidence with American English.


Day 1​

  • Introduction 

  • Course outline 

  • Ice-breaking activities

  • Introduction of the participants, their goals for the class and their challenges, school presentations 

  • Practicing introductions

  • Discussing personal information and backgrounds

  • Describing experiences

  • “I am” and its many relevant nouns, adjectives and adverbs

  • Proper sequencing within sentences

  • Pronouns

  • Verbs of self-expression

  • Guided city tour

Day 2

  • Pronunciation guidelines

  • Vocabulary of the classroom

  • Interacting with students

  • Giving instructions, making requests

  • Walkabout (outdoor activity, weather permitting): verbs of movement, prepositions governing location

Day 3

  • Vocabulary of the office

  • Interacting with colleagues

  • Discussing numbers, time and frequency

  • Verbs expressing needs, wants, opinions

Day 4

  • Review and conversation practice

  • Difficult pronunciation

  • After work: food, shopping, money, socializing

  • Walkabout (outdoor activity, weather permitting): At the market

Day 5

  • Phrasal verbs

  • Conditional phrases and modal verbs

  • Expressing intentions, hopes and discussing the future

  • Conversation practice

  • Review and questions

Day 6 

  • Excursion

  • Review and conversation practice

  • Individual tasks for participants

Day 7 

  • Discussing travel: transportation, hotels and restaurants

  • Discussing daily routines

  • Formal and casual phrasing

  • Being polite but not stiff

  • Walkabout (outdoor activity, weather permitting): Interacting in travel settings.

Day 8 

  • Dealing with formal organizations: government offices, banks and bureaucracies.

  • Filling out forms

  • Walkabout (outdoor activity, weather permitting): Being in nature (because we’ll need it after talking about bureaucracies!)

Day 9 

  • Interacting with parents and discussing their concerns

  • Discussing emotions

  • Comparatives and superlatives

Day 10

  • Slang

  • Synonyms for casual and formal situations

  • Common SMS abbreviations

  • Additional topics requested by the participants: What do you still find challenging?

  • Review and conversation practice

  • Resources for going forward

Course outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Enhance vocabulary and grammar in both conversation and writing.

  • Practice the most relevant skills needed for successful communication.

  • Gain the ability to operate comfortably in business, educational and social environments.

  • Navigate the quirkiness of American English with a native speaker.

  • Discern differences in US and UK English.

  • Increase confidence and ease with American English.

  • Gain tools and resources for future study.

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