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Innovative Teaching Methods - Education in a New Era

Course Summary

This course is intended for teachers and professional associates of pre-primary, primary and secondary schools, principals and other school staff who want to learn and understand how to make their teaching more innovative by using modern teaching methods.  

Over the years, there have been visible changes in teaching style. The days when students had to sit passively and just listen while their teacher gave long lectures had gone. Scientific research has shown that innovative teaching methods have to be integrated into physical and virtual classrooms because they significantly improve the learning experience and knowledge retention.

In recent years the scope of knowledge in the field of science and technology has dramatically increased, and the human ability to adapt to new knowledge in science and technology has also increased. Therefore, there is an immense need for innovative and creative minds to explore unknown and unrevealed areas of different fields. The new teaching method, which we called the innovative and modern teaching method is more activity-based and centres the learner’s mind which involves them entirely in the process of learning. In the modern teaching method, curriculum teaching and planning are done keeping the learner as the primary target. 


  • 5-day course: 400 €

  • 6-day course: 480 €

  • 7-day course: 560 €

Course Detailed Description

To cope with education challenges in the new era teachers must adopt modern ways of teaching. They are based on novel and innovative ideas and are specially designed keeping in mind the learning needs of students belonging to Generation Z or iGeneration. While schools structure learning by subject, Generation Z lives life in a hyperlinked world.  

Rather than the only teacher-based, modern teaching methods focus extra on questioning, demonstration, explaining, practical, and collaboration strategies, and are more activity-based. Learning by doing, learning via video, and social, personalized or hybrid learning are some of the methods of how new generations learn. To respond effectively to these changing learning styles through the implementation of learning stations, shifting from ‘teacher’ to facilitator’, managing more group work, providing real-world case studies, outdoor education and teaching through activity-based learning teaching methods should be changed.  

It’s time for the change! 

In this course, participants will dive into the benefits of innovative teaching methods as well as the ways to realize them. The new and innovative teaching methods and their context must be realized with compatible digital tools familiarizing with Collaborative learning, Spaced Learning, Gamification, VAK teaching and the Flipped Classroom.  

The main goal of this course is to promote excellence and innovation in education by inspiring and empowering teachers to use innovative teaching methods and help them understand the importance of modern teaching methods to improve school lesson strategies and communication with students.  

Other course goals are:  

·         get an overview of the trending innovative teaching methods and their benefits for students 

·         learn how critical thinking and soft skills can empower innovative teaching methods 

·         get acquainted with the key principles of effective classroom management 

·         learn how to use adequate digital tools as support in innovative teaching 

·         enhance collaboration and widen access to places beyond the classroom 

·         prepare Course Project – Micro lesson with at least two innovative teaching methods 

·         think about green solutions in digital learning and implement them in the Project 


effective classroom management, innovative teaching methods, innovative teaching strategies, modern teaching methods, soft skills, VAK learning style 


*Please note that the course schedule provided on this website for the 6-day course is intended as an example only. The actual schedule may vary according to the needs and preferences of the group attending the course.

Upon registration for the course, attendees will be provided with a finalized schedule tailored to the specific course they have booked. This schedule will include details such as session times, topics covered, and any additional activities planned.

For any questions or concerns regarding the course schedule, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Day 1​

  • Introduction 

  • Course outline 

  • Ice-breaking activities

  • Introduction of the participants, their goals for the class and their challenges, school presentations 

  • Exchanging good practices on sustainable and school life

  • Guided city tour

Day 2

  • Why we should move to innovative teaching methods and strategies 

  • Reflections on current teaching practices 

  • Examples of innovative teaching 

  • Characteristics of innovative teaching 

  • Examples of innovative teaching strategies and methods 

  • Pros and cons  

Day 3

  • Benefits of innovative teaching methods 

  • Critical thinking 

  • Soft skills 

  • Effective classroom management 

  • Small project – debate on the topic  

  • Networking  

Day 4

  • Innovative teaching tools  

  • Brainstorming about benefits associated with teaching and digital tools 

  • Innovative teaching tools 

  • Digital tools for innovative teaching 

  • Preparation for the Course Project – Micro-lesson with at least two innovative teaching methods 

Day 5

  • Innovative teaching methods – wrap up 

  • Final activities – presentation of the Course Project 

  • Course evaluation: round-up of acquired competencies, feedback, discussion 

Day 6 

  • Course evaluation

  • Certificate awarding 

  • Excursion and other external cultural activities

Note: The program will be dynamic and interactive. The schedule may change based on the issues posed by the participants and the real resolution processes in which we engage. Excursion plans for any given course may also affect the agenda.

Course outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • overview of the trending innovative teaching methods and strategies 

  • understand the benefits of innovative teaching methods for students and the student learning process 

  • acquire innovative and modern teaching methods 

  • get familiar with some innovative teaching methods 

  • adopting innovative teaching techniques in curricula 

  • teaching soft skills and critical thinking skills 

  • using digital tools effectively 

  • learn how to design, prepare, deliver and share innovative learning activity 

  • networking and peer collaboration 

  • prepare Micro-lesson including at least two innovative teaching method 

  • analyse the Micro-lesson  

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