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Hidden Within

Moslavačka gora (The Mount of Moslavina) is a small mountain range located some 60 kilometres south-east from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. With only 488 meters at its highest point called Humka it cannot boast with being a skyscraper or a cloud stopper. It rather hides its riches sprinkled all over the 1300 km2 area it covers. Riches in the form of 7 ruins built in the span of the many years of the Middle ages. Ruins hidden by the beautiful dense forests of beech, oak, chestnut and birch.

Out of the seven, three have resisted the most the unceasing pressures of Father Time and nature’s embrace. Garićgrad is the first, largest and best preserved. Built sometime in the 13th century as a defence fortification, it still boasts its central tower surrounded by high stone walls. Next up is Jelengrad, quite smaller than Garićgrad and only somewhat less preserved. Probably built in the 13th or 14th century and also a defensive (and maybe even a surveillant?) fortification. Its surrounding walls still stand strong and tall. Lastly we have Bela crkva (The White Church), once belonging to a monastery of The Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit. True to its name it is easily noticeable from the forest path by the white glint of the stone it was made from.


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All these locations provide wonderful, calming surroundings for activities in nature, as well as history lessons and storytelling. A legend comes to life when tall stone towers are looming above your head. Your body and your mind reset when they notice there is no traffic noise around you, just the woods. This is a classroom that invigorates you without your knowing, that helps you focus by removing all distractions, that provides you with everything you need to learn.

And you can experience it for yourself in our Nature is a Classroom course. For more information visit our homepage.

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