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Velika Ludina

Erasmus+ course location Velika Ludina

Velika Ludina municipality is situated in the north-west part of Sisak - Moslavina county about 60 km from the capital Zagreb. Moslavina is a micro region in central Croatia with a population of about 100,000 inhabitants. This diverse region, which on the one hand includes industry, crafts and economy and on the other offers beautiful environment that will leave few people indifferent. There are many attractions located in this region, from natural beauty of Lonjsko Polje Nature Park and Moslavina Mountain Regional Park, archaeological sites and religious heritage to numerous cultural events.

It is located in the middle of lowland and is bordered by Lonja and Ilova rivers. Thanks to its natural features, it was interesting from the earliest times so it was mentioned in the works of ancient Greek and Roman writers as "MonsClaudius". It is covered with dense forests and in its lower regions with cultivated orchards and vineyards. Because of its landscape and biological diversity, it was named the first regional park in Croatia. There are bicycle paths and marked routes for hikers and picknickers. 

How to get to Ludina from the Zagreb Airport?

The distance between Zagreb Airport (ZAG) and Velika Ludina is around 55 km (34 miles). There are several options for getting to Velika Ludina - by train, taxi and car. The cheapest option is to take the train which will take around 1,5 hours. First you need to take the bus to Zagreb main railway station, and then the train to Velika Ludina. The quickest way is to come by taxi, which is a bit more costly, but it will take you 40 minutes.

Erasmus+ course location Velika Ludina

Accommodation in Velika Ludina

The courses in Velika Ludina are organised in Moslavačka priča resort, a unique and picturesque place. Moslavačka  priča is a family story that has grown from love towards the good old times.  Holiday homes that have been transported in their original state from the neighborhood, Centennial furniture highly restored in style, family photos from the previous century – they all tell this Moslavina story of ours. Two restaurants, situated by the pond and in the heart of the forest make up the gastronomic part of Moslavačka priča. You can taste flavors and scents of indigenous Moslavina and wildlife specialties through exquisite dishes of our region, which are enriched by indigenous wines, Škrlet being the most famous of them. To make your stay at Moslavačka priča as fun as possible, we offer  sports content  with an artificial grass tennis court, futsal field, hanging bowling, and a playground for children. The specialty of our story is a  forest  which is home to around 150 animals: fallow deer, deer, does… you can take photos of them while walking through the forest! If you are nature lovers if you value antique furniture and good food you will certainly be thrilled by our story. 

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