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Krk, Croatia

Erasmus+ course location Krk, Croatia

The geographical position of the island of Krk and its good connections to the mainland make it an attractive tourist destination, while its 20 thousand residents consider it a great place to live. Along with the nearby Cres, it is the biggest Croatian island. Located in the northernmost part of the Adriatic, it is also closest to the mainland. The 1,430-metre long Krk Bridge makes the island easily accessible. It has been in operation for more than 42 years now (since 19 July1980). Some 85 million vehicles or 170 million people have crossed it in the course of 40 years. Ferry lines connect Krk with the neighbouring islands of Rab, Lošinj and Cres all year long. The island can also be reached by plane, as there is an airport at its far north side.

Located in a wide bay on the southwestern side of the island, the town of Krk is one of the oldest urban settlements in Croatia (mentioned in Homer’s Iliad as Koureto) and the island’s administrative, business and cultural centre. Together with its suburban area, it covers 110 square kilometers. Life in the town’s hinterland is tranquil and most of its residents are still engaged in traditional rural activities. However, a growing number of them wants to catch up with the current tourism trends, which is reflected in many agrotourism initiatives. According to the 2021 census, the town of Krk has a population of 6,846. Tourism and hospitality activities dominate the economy of the entire administrative area, especially of the heart of town. Art and history buffs will find many valuable examples of cultural heritage here.

How to get to the Krk town from the airport?

Rijeka Airport on the island of Krk is located close to the town of Omisalj, on the north of the island. It is best to transfer to Omisalj first, and then make your way to your intended final destination on Krk by bus from here – see the Arriva website for bus timetables. There are numerous buses per day to Krk Town, as well as to  Punat, Baška and Vrbnik.

Erasmus+ course location Krk, Croatia

Accommodation in Krk

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